Tours and Rates

Guiding Rates:Mangrove Cuckoo 2014 Jun 02

My daily rate is $200 per day for a single person, plus $40 for each additional person ($240 for two, $280 for three, $320 for four or more). 

If you do not plan to rent or use your own vehicle, my vehicle is available for $0.40 cents per mile.

Birding Tours:

Birding tours can be tailored upon request by the client, depending on the desired target species, wildlife experiences, or photographic opportunities desired.  More than just birding tours, I offer depth of knowledge and context to the habitats we visit and the bird species we may see on any trip. The suggested tours below are just a sample of the possibilities! Email me at csanchez1230 at for more information:

Everglades National Park (one day trip): Everglades National Park protects a vast mosaic of habitats, including freshwater wetlands, sawgrass prairie, tropical hardwood hammock, pinelands, and mangroves. Within this rich diversity of habitats dwells a unique menagerie of animals and plants that sit upon a crossroads between the temperate north and sultry Caribbean south — where White-crowned Pigeon meets Brown-headed Nuthatch, Gumbo Limbo (tree) meets Live Oak, and American Alligator  meets American Crocodile.

On a day trip to the Everglades, we can explore all of the major habitats on offer, including visits to Long Pine Key, Anhinga Trail, Mahogany Hammock, Paurotis Pond, and Flamingo. Species often seen during a day trip include Roseate Spoonbill, Swallow-tailed Kite (March to August), Short-tailed Hawk (October to February), White-crowned Pigeon, Black-whiskered Vireo (April to August), Brown-headed Nuthatch, and many more. Day trips in winter (December to February) can often yield over a 100 species.

Metro Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Specialty Round-up (two day trip): The mild climate and lush gardens of the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale metropolitan area offers a unique landscape of opportunity for a myriad of introduced bird species from all over the world: parrots, bulbuls, orioles, mynas, and more. On this popular itinerary, we explore this urban landscape in search of these ABA-countable exotics amid an equally rich cultural tapestry of music, food, and customs. Target species include Purple Swamphen, Monk Parakeet, White-winged Parakeet, Nanday Parakeet, Red-whiskered Bulbul, Common Myna, and Spot-breasted Oriole.

However, birding in Miami-Dade is not all about exotic bird species and artificial landscapes. By exploring parks that protect natural habitat, we can connect with specialties such as White-crowned Pigeon, Mangrove Cuckoo, Black-whiskered Vireo, Short-tailed Hawk, and ‘Golden’ Yellow Warbler.  During winter, the mild climate is also conducive for wintering warbler species — up to 20 species can be found in a winter season.