Testimonials from Florida

“Carlos, many thanks for a wonderful weekend of South Florida birding. It was great to get all of the exotics (plus a few bonus parrots) in the space of 48-hours and also to see so many other great birds. Great memories of La Sagra’s Flycatcher, Shiny Cowbird, and Neotropic Cormorant, coupled with a really good mix of Florida specialties. Thanks also for your great company in the field. Great weekend.”

— Anthony Collerton (welshbirder) (New York, USA)

“We asked Carlos to find us three species that were life birds. We set it up for two days of his time. The first day, he found us all of our requests and a fourth life bird. He also took us to a great restaurant for lunch. He was friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and willing to modify plans to our needs. He drove our car at our request and was a very good driver. The second day, we had a more relaxed day and some great birding. I would recommend Carlos to anyone who wants to bird South Florida for target birds or just some relaxing fun birding.”

— Jon Benedetti (West Virginia, USA)

“Thanks for a great day of birding, Carlos! I especially appreciated how you listened to my preferences and did such a good job trying to help me. Also, your generous advice and suggestions on places to visit both before and after our big day together. I’ll remember you and might call on your services again some day! All the best.”

— Dave McMullen (California, USA)

Black-necked Stilt

Testimonials from Cristalino Jungle Lodge in Brazil

“We had three wonderful days birding with Carlos. He selected a variety of great areas for us to bird. I was impressed by his knowledge and his ability to find difficult to see birds. We had an especially memorable last afternoon with him on the river where we saw 50 species of bird, tapir, and paca.”

— Victor Emmanuel (Texas, USA)

“Carlos, it has been a true pleasure to be in the field with you these past several days. Your knowledge of Amazonian birds is matched by your outstanding identification skills. Thanks to you, we were treated to many outstanding birds and other wildlife of the magical place that is the Cristalino Jungle Lodge. As a future guide in our industry, I wish you the best of luck and many wonderful travel adventures ahead.”

— Barry Lyon (Texas, USA)

“While birding at Brazil’s Cristalino Jungle Lodge (September 7-14, 2013), our group of six had the good fortune of being assigned Carlos as our guide. I can’t say enough good things about him. His expertise at recognizing a bird by its call, and then getting everyone in the group to be able to see the bird was amazing. When I found out that he had been guiding in Brazil for less than two months, I was even more impressed. In addition to his birding expertise, he demonstrated a high level of professionalism, a remarkable amount of patience, and a deep and passionate enthusiasm for birds. He is articulate, intelligent, personable, respectful, and just a pleasant person to be around. I hope our paths cross again.”

— Bob Wagner (California, USA)

“Thank you very much for a terrific job of guiding at Cristalino, August 25-31, 2013! I especially appreciated that you could locate so many species of birds by ear, as well as by eye — amazingly, often just by a glimpse at first. Your depth of knowledge about bird taxonomy and ornithology brought great perspective to my birding experience here. We have had many excellent birding guides, and you are right up there with the top eschelon among them.”

— Ray White (Washington, USA)

“My son, Jon and I spent five wonderful days at Cristalino Jungle Lodge looking at birds and other wildlife. Carlos was a wonderful leader and shared his expertise about the birds of the area with enthusiasm. He knew where to go for specific birds and was successful in helping us find them in the dense vegetation. Would be delighted to have him for a leader on future trips. Many thanks.”

— Joyce Lebowitz (Arizona, USA)